Frequently Asked Questions

Zillion’s mission is to make it super easy for you to protect the things you love. We’re an experienced insurance and technology team who take pride in solving problems and delivering a first-class experience to our customers. Our jewelry insurance customers are backed by AXA XL, one of the world’s largest insurance companies and rated A+ Superior by A.M. Best. Visit our about us page to learn more.

Zillion’s primary focus is on insurance for jewelry purchased by customers of our retail & industry partners. Through our technology integration with partner retailers we’re able to offer you the easiest jewelry insurance experience in the industry, and at lower rates. We get what we need directly from the jeweler without forcing you to fill out pages and pages of unnecessary forms. Easy is good!

At Zillion we understand that your jewelry means more to you than just its value. That’s why we take the approach of replacing or repairing your jewelry back to its original specs with $0 deductible…. Yep, $0, no deductible, simply delivering the same jewelry item back to you in the event of a loss.

Zillion insurance covers just about every bad thing that could happen to your jewelry. Some of the most common examples are Theft, Loss, Damage, Mysterious Disappearance and Acts of God such as fires, floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes. There are a few exclusions you should be aware of, including War/Military/Government Action, Nuclear Hazard, and Wear & Tear. For more information about jewelry insurance and our coverage, visit our home page or reach out to us via our help page or

Absolutely! Zillion specializes in insuring jewelry of all shapes, sizes, and values. We understand that the sentimental value of jewelry, like your engagement ring, is often greater than the financial value. While you may not be able to get your original engagement ring back, our unique jewelry replacement insurance will ensure you’ll get a replacement that matches your original jewelry specs.

Zillion has some of the best jewelry insurance rates in the industry. We specialize in jewelry insurance, and better manage risk and control costs through the use of our technology. These savings are passed onto our customers in the form of better rates. You’ll benefit from our modern delivery, exceptional coverage and low costs, all while having full control and flexibility with your policy. Cancel anytime – receive a full refund in the first 30 days (pro-rated thereafter).

Zillion has your jewelry covered, even if you’re not the wearer. It is not a requirement to add a wearer, but you may certainly do so by letting us know who you would like to add to your policy. We will make the change by adding the wearer as a co-owner of the insurance. Simply email the wearer’s full name, physical address, phone, and email address to us at

We understand how emotional it can be when your jewelry goes missing. That’s why we put a huge priority on each and every jewelry insurance claim and work quickly with your original jeweler to ensure you get your replacement as quickly as possible. Visit the claims section of our website to let us know what happened and we’ll take it from there and guide you through the process.

A renters or homeowners policy typically provides limited coverage for jewelry unless you pay for a Jewelry Floater. For instance, theft of your engagement ring may only be covered up to $1,500. The most common cause of jewelry loss is called “Mysterious Disappearance,” which is insurance-speak for “OMG, I think I left my wedding ring at the hotel, or I was playing on the beach and my engagement ring just vanished.” Whether you pay for a Jewelry Floater, or not, this jewelry loss may not be covered by your homeowners or renters policy. If this happens to you, you’ll be glad you have jewelry insurance through Zillion. For more details, see our blog post on this topic.

A jewelry service plan is a great way to maintain and service your jewelry. With regular visits to your jeweler to care for your items, you can ensure that they’ll stay in great shape. However, if you miss a checkup and your jewelry is damaged, or if your diamond engagement ring goes missing, altogether, your jewelry service plan or warranty won’t help you. Zillion will, though, with full jewelry replacement. For more details, see our blog post on this topic.

Our partnership with your original trusted jeweler has its benefits. They know your jewelry item best, and can expedite the process of getting your jewelry back to you, and in great shape. We understand that sometimes it is not possible, or feasible, to work through your original jeweler. In these cases, we can work with other jewelers, but would need to review the repair or replacement with them prior to approval. You may express your desire to work with a different jeweler, and pass along their contact information when reporting a claim.

Yes, you may cancel your insurance policy anytime and receive a full refund in the 1st 30 days, or a prorated refund, thereafter.

Yes, we’ll automatically renew your policy before the end of our current term. We’ll send you a notification 30 days prior to remind you and will also let you know a day before we process your payment.

Adding jewelry items to your policy is easy. Simply send the following information to

  • An Appraisal or Statement of Value for the jewelry item dated within the last 3 years
  • A current picture of the jewelry item – just point and click from your smartphone

Adding your spouse or fiance as a co-owner on your insurance policy is not a requirement, but does allow them to make policy changes or directly submit a claim. To add the individual, we will need:

  • The individual’s name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Mobile phone number

Please submit this information by emailing us at

The address on your insurance policy must be your legal residence. You may submit a new address to us and the reason for the address change by emailing us at Please note that a change in address may affect the insurance rates on your policy. Any premium credit or increase will be refunded or billed to you on a prorated basis.

If you have additional questions, the fastest way to obtain an answer is to submit a ticket via our help page. You may also reach us via any of the methods on our contact us page.

Zillion partners with jewelers to offer their customers lower rates on jewelery insurance. If you don’t see your jeweler on our list, we’re sorry, we won’t be able to offer you a quote for insurance.